Cerny and Galina in Telc

In May 2019 we went to the annual Cesky meeting in Telc, CZ. I went with Anne-Lise from Norway and her 2 lovely dogs, Amirál and Zelenka.

I brought Cerny and Galina.

Saturday Cerny was taking part at the funny competition "Bierhanzel Memorial" which is a combination of obedience and agility...and he was no. 1 of about 30 dogs 🙂.

On Sunday Galina was at the Clubshow. There where 39 bitches signed up for the show and the old lady won best veteran, best bitch, BOS and then was 2. in Horak Memorial. This was her best win in CZ, and then at an age of 11 years 🙂. 

We had a lovely (and cold) time in Telc and hope to get back in 2020 🙂.