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DKCH CZCH Brusinka Kvitko

Stardust Cartier (Cerny)

We are happy to say that we are expecting cesky puppies at the end of june 2023. If you have interest in a puppy from very beautiful parents, please send me an email on heidi.w@hotmail.dk

NEWS!!! Puppies at DanCzech

I am so happy to say that finally we have cesky puppies again in Denmark. On 9th of november 2022, Brusinka gave birth to 4 perfect boys. Daddy is our own Cerny (Stardust Cartier). Follow the puppies inhere or on facebook Cesky terrier Denmark

American Joy Amirál - Gothenburg 2019

American Joy Amirál - Gothenburg 2019

This is my homepage, presenting my dogs. I bought my first Cesky Terrier in 2002 and this breed stole my heart. The first time I meet a Cesky Terrier was when I bought my tricolor American Cocker Spaniel. Her breeder had cesky puppies and I fell in love. I decided that when I was going to have my next dog, it should be a Cesky.

Before the Ceskys I have had Kerry Blue Terrier, American Cocker Spaniels and English Springer Spaniels which I have breed two litters from. 

I have only breed one puppy, American Joy Amirál, and offcourse he is our very special boy. He lives a perfect doglife in Oslo with Anne-Lise Maaby, and we could not wish for a better home for him ❤.

The cesky is a perfect partner on the agility track, but I also train Nose-Work with Cerny, we love it 😀

Stardust Cartier (Cerny) on Cesky Days in Telc 2018

Stardust Cartier (Cerny) on Cesky Days in Telc 2018

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20.09 | 19:11

Hej Heidi,
Vi har fået anden hund i mellemtiden. Det blev en Welsh terrier.
Tak fordi du skrev til mig.

20.09 | 08:23

Hej Maria-Louise. Som du kan se er der kommet hvalpe i Norge.

08.03 | 19:28

Hejsa 😉. Nej desværre har jeg ikke selv planer om hvalpe, da min tæve er snart 12 år, men jeg hjælper dig gerne med evt at finde en til den tid 😃. Skriv til mig på min mail heidi.w@hotmail.dk

08.03 | 19:09

Har du planer om hvalpe for året 2021, nærmere bestemt sensommeren?
Eller skulle du kende nogen, som har planer for hvalpe i den periode, så vil jeg blive mægtig glad for at høre fra dig.

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